Oake & Riley in the Morning: Coffee Break

Each weekday morning, Brian Oake and Jill Riley create a 9:30 Coffee Break playlist built on a specific theme. Got a suggestion?

Advice For What Makes A Great Coffee Break Topic:

Generally a good topic is one that’s neither nor too simple nor too complicated. “Songs with the word ‘love’ in the title,” for example, would obviously be in the "way too broad" category. But there are all kinds of ways to make the topic too narrow, or too hard to come up with good answers (how many “bands that contain at least two sets of twins” can you think of? We can only think of one). The best topics are clever, fun, and make people want to come up with the best answers they can. “Great moustaches in rock” … “songs that mention dessert foods” … “bands who all wore the same outfit onstage.” We can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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